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2014: Put Sales into over-DRIVE

We want you to get as much as possible out of your DFS relationship. So we created DFSdrive.com to be your go-to marketing and sales resource. Here you’ll find how-to videos, sales and marketing guidance, and fresh ideas that will help you grow your business while making the most of your valuable time. Updated monthly, DFSdrive.com is just one way we’re doing everything we can to make You. Unlimited.

This month's DRIVE MARKETING tip:
Make it easy, convenient and fast for customers to order from you with an online storefront featuring DFS products. Just go to BtoBsource.com to create a catalog. You’ll build your catalog with the products you want, and even the prices you choose, and brand it with your name.

More from Jen: Virtually anyone can easily set up a storefront with BtoBsource.com. Just follow the simple seven-step process. You don’t need any technical skill to make the perfect storefront. And set up only takes 15 minutes.



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