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2015: Drive your success with our tips and ideas

DFS is all about providing you a full range of products and services ― as well as the dedicated, easy-to-use support that sets you up for greater success. That’s why we offer Drive, your go-to marketing and sales resource, updated monthly and featuring how-to videos, sales and marketing guidance, and fresh ideas. Drive helps you grow your business while making the most of your valuable time.

This month's DRIVE MARKETING tip:
Give yourself a whole new revenue stream by marketing our beautiful, new Signature Packaging line. It features sales tools ― like the 56-page catalog of customizable retail bags, boxes, tissue, gift wrapping and much more ― plus new, exclusive designs twice each year. Watch for your FREE sample copy in the mail.

More from Kathy: Explain to your customers how branded retail packaging is like a walking billboard. It helps differentiate your customers from their competition, increases their brand visibility with prospective customers as well as keeps them top of mind with current customers.



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